CHIC BUDS charge phones on the go

We know that constant updates on our social media means that we’re always checking our phones to stay updated. This also means that the battery can go to red fast when we’re really into the conversation. In our search for how to stay charged without a lot of weight, we found Chic Buds Cluchette Power, that combines a smart phone charger with a cute clutch!

chicbuds cluchette charger FashionDailyMag sel 3

The magic behind the Clutchette Power is in the hidden ultra-thin battery inside the bag that easily allows USB devices and smartphones to stay charged up all day long. The special design of the bag allows for storage of other small essentials, like keys or lip balm. This clutch is perfect for nights out on the town because of the strap that makes the clutch into a wristlet. If you don’t want to hold it on its own, the Clutchette Power is small enough to toss into other bags, making it perfect on-the-go!

This clutch comes in four super cute + metallic colors: Jacqueline (pink), Emma (black), Taylor (silver) and Rae (rose gold). About $50 Cluchette Power is made for the modern social woman. CHIC BUDS charge on the go written by Nadia Hartvigsen.

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