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Chath pierSath Exhibition: I’m Here | Tally Beck Contemporary

Chath pierSath Exhibition: I’m Here | Tally Beck Contemporary

Mixed media master, Chath pierSath focuses on his challenging past in Cambodia to shape complex, textured creations that you’ll have to see to believe.  Visitors can now view his vivid artwork at the Tally Beck Contemporary gallery through end summer. We can’t wait to see it ! Dubbed, I’m Here, pierSath’s paintings grace NYC in this first ever 17 piece solo exhibition, and on August 7th hear the artist shares his inspirations.

PierSath: a renaissance man.. a poet and humanitarian, his art speaks to the present while paying tribute to those in his life in Thailand, Cambodia, and the US. He isn’t afraid to try new things, taking painting and collages to the next level, by adding roof shingles, wooden slats, and other recycled and repurposed mediums.

Chath pierSath Portrait of a Street Vendor Tally Beck Contemporary fashiondailymag 9

In Going East, figures blur into one another in swirls of color, making for an eye-catching result in this wooden and fabric slat collage with acrylic on a panel of wood.

Featuring some of the most mind blowing Asian Contemp Art since 2010, the gallery is has Eastern and Southeastern art. Well known on the art scene, they’re often seen at global art fairs such as, artMRKT Hamptons, LA Art Show, Art Asia Miami,  artMRKT San Francisco, SCOPE Basel, and Texas Contemporary.  Written by Mary Anderson.

Chath pierSath I’m Here Exhibition at TB Contemporary, 42 Rivington Street. June 26-August 30th.

Photos: Courtesy of Tally Beck Contemporary

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