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Ralph Rucci fall 2013

Ralph Rucci fall 2013

Designer Ralph Rucci is no stranger to fashion week; and let’s face it, the man has no fear when it comes to expressive extremities. As the only US designer accepted into the Chambre Syndicale de le Haute Couture, the Rucci AW 2013 collection was an impeccable exhibition of CRR’s creative abilities.  The stunning ensembles dangled, batted, wriggled, and sparkled on the catwalk with a variety pack of fabrications ranging from  neutrals to a rainbow of hot colors…

RALPH RUCCI FALL 2013 isabella NYFW FashionDailyMag sel 1

The textiles and textures of these pieces were absolutely stunning; there were candy colored coats that resembled the infamous (velutinous) yeti, a leather jacket that was embedded with a “double-helix” detail, and a gown, which split open to expose Francis Bacon’s hand-painted  image of the “screaming pope”. Its obvious that Ralph Rucci, is not afraid to get crazy when it comes his collections, and that was clear though the layers of shaggy threads, laser cut leather, sculpted coats, sequin bathed tops and pendulous violet tassels. Every piece in this collection displayed one extremity after another, and we just couldn’t get enough of it. Everything from the flowy crepe pants, bejeweled feathered dresses, to the crisp leather jackets and pear nuanced silk gowns depicted the brilliant manipulation of artistry in fashion.

The Chado Ralph Rucci collection made a clear distinction between “I’m here” and “Here I am” with spine-tingling ensembles that awed Fashion Week spectators- as usual. The AW 2013 collection exhibited crazy, couture-like pieces drowning in Rucci’s artistic genius- no wonder Lady Gaga requested him to dress her.  fdmloves selects from Chado Ralph Rucci fall 2013 by Brigitte Segura,  written by Julia Paulescu.

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