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CATCHING up: CELEBS out and about vol 2

CATCHING up: CELEBS out and about vol 2

CATCHING up and celebrating books, glasses and Museums… CELEBS  on FDM  featuring whitney port ,  KELLY BENSIMON at ASSOULINE launch of coca-cola book celebrating 125 years .   NICKY HILTON,  MICKEY BOARDMAN,  KELLY CUTRONE at EYEFLY LAUNCH,  LAKE BELL at Francois Nars ‘Make up your Mind’ book launch at GenArt; ROBERTO CAPUCCI [ART into FASHION exhibit] and first lady Susan Corbett of the Commonwealth of PA at PHILA Museum marking the official announcement of June 2 as ‘CAPUCCI day’ with Brigitte Segura on FashionDailyMag… [details below gallery]whitney port photo by getty for assouline on FashionDailyMag

1. Kelly Bensimon attends Assouline’s celebration of the publication of “Coca-Cola” and the worldwide preview of the Assouline Coca-Cola iPad App  2. WHITNEY PORT on the  red carpet at assouline 3. ALEX ASSOULINE, photos courtesy of publicist

4. NICKY HILTON at bluefly launch of eyewear 5. KELLY CUTRONE with MICKEY BOARDMAN, peter davis at EYEFLY launch photo  billy farrell agency ; 6. MICKEY BOARDMAN by tommy ton for EYEFLY launch photo courtesy of publicist

7. Lake Bell at Francois Nars make up your mind at gen art film festival launch wearinng lia sophia photo courtesy of publicist

8. ROBERTO CAPUCCI receives city of phila award at closing of ART INTO FASHION EXHIBIT 8. ROBERTO CAPUCCI with brigitte segura and jimmy contreras at PHILA museum award 9. ROBERTO CAPUCCI and  Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown 10. ROBERTO CAPUCCI and First Lady of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Susan Corbett announcing roberto capucci day June 2, all photos courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art

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