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Carlos Campos Spring 2014

Carlos Campos Spring 2014

It was a handsome casting at the  Carlos Campos Spring 2014 presentation. As part of the Made Fashion Week menswear shows at Milk Studios, the grass has become greener with gorgeous menswear on the playing field. Swoon worthy sweetie Alex Cuhna among others modeled the modern look with absolute ease.

alex cunha Carlos Campos Spring 2014 FashionDailyMag sel 13

“This collection is about the union between worlds,” says Campos. “Whether you’re the greatest footballer of all time on the field or the guy in the stands cheering him on, it’s the love of the game that brings us all together. That is what I wanted to communicate with the interplay of lines, colors and construction in this collection.”

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We got a close up glimpse backstage with the guys in Fresh blue and crisp whites.  Softened with sophisticated shades of grey, the athletic vibe of the shorts was enhanced with exaggeration by way of with knee high soccer socks. Little emblems in the spirit of sport made for unique prints that accents the clean design of polos and raglan cut shirts as well as more structured jackets and trousers.

Light and practically created with fabrics like Japanese, Pima, and paper touch cottons that feel nice and lend themselves to an outdoor setting. Get in on the game, be it from the sidelines or as leader of the pack, this guy is confident through and through. fdmLOVES CARLOS CAMPOS SPRING 2014 selects by Brigitte Segura, written by Sarah A. Freiseis.

Photos: Marko Kalfa

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