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CALM summer red skin

CALM summer red skin

BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS: Whether you have hypersensitive skin, occasional red spots or Rosacea on your face, it’s hard to know what products are gentle enough to use, especially if they contain with anti-aging benefits.

Calm down your end summer skin with this 2 step regimen that specifically targets the red spots and helps bring skin back to its normal state.  Light enough to use in the heat + humid climate.

Red-Out by Repechage was created with irritated skin in mind, and contains a chock full of good ingredients including seaweed to help get your skin back to its normal state.

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Step one – cleanse + calm:

It’s important to clean the face thoroughly, especially if your skin is prone to redness + easily irritated. Hydra 4 Red-Out Calming Cleanser is a gently foaming face wash full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories that works to normalize bacteria to help sooth irritation. With the combination of seaweed based ingredients with Micro Silver, along with Quercetin and Rutin, the product calms sensitive skin and problematic areas of rosacea.

Step two – soothe + reduce redness:

With the same key ingredients, Hydra 4 Red-Out Serum continues to fight the inflammatory on the face. As a follow-up step, it makes sure the skin takes in the soothing nutrition. The light-weight serum gets absorbed instantly and effectively gets rid of redness once applied.  With the thin texture, it’s super comfortable to wear even for sensitive skin and is perfect to be layered underneath moisturizer.

An easy resolution to help keep the red face in check. CALM summer red skin written by Betty Lo.

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