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BRIGHT SMILES rock sunny days

BRIGHT SMILES rock sunny days

BEAUTY quick fix: now that you’ve embraced the sunny days, how bright is your smile?  3 steps to brighter and whiter TEETH thanks to REMBRANDT.   2 hours gets your smile whiter! by brigitte segura… follow up daily with whitening toothpaste + mouthwash you won’t mind using sans strange flavor in your mouth!  like all beauty we talk about, we’ve tried this and it works fast enough for a FASHIONABLE vanity, without the embarrassing visuals…

fdm loves rembrandt 2 hour whitening kit brigitte segura 

step 1: rembrandt 2 hour whitening kit [btw, $20 at] has applicators that actually fit comfortably and beats doing 7 days or 3 days.   basically, you wear for 20 minutes, remove for 10, repeat 4x and you’re done, with enamel-safe whitening treatment, sans the DENTIST

step 2:  toothpaste.  this doesn’t feel like paste in your mouth, and doesn’t taste like baking soda. Rembrandt Intense Stain Whitening Toothpaste with Fluoride, in Mint flavor.  nice consistency, though it does liquify a bit when it’s warm.

step 3:  an extra fresh! whitening mouthwash in a MODERN container, no funky aftertaste or smell [and you know what medicine smell we’re talking about] rembrandt deeply white + peroxide fluoride mouthwash in mint- you can see the bubbling effect, but it doesn’t linger in your mouth, easy to rinse, CHIC enough to keep on display.  it helps remove stains + RESTORE enamel… you won’t believe you’ve brushed for years without this rinse.


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