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Bow Down to ‘The King of Bling’- Liberace

Bow Down to ‘The King of Bling’- Liberace

From the Cannes red carpet to an exhibition featuring Liberace‘s swag- everyone and everything is dripping in diamonds these days. As Academy-Award Winners Michael Douglas and Matt Damon portray the mega-watt maestro and his partner in HBO’s Behind the Candelabra, the film reveals that even tinseltown has been bitten by the decadence bug. Experience the pianist’s larger-than-life extravagance for yourself as his legendary crystallized Baldwin grand piano, Rhinestone Roadster, and the globe’s biggest rhinestone, will be on display from May 20-27th at the Time Warner Center.

Liberace Piano-Moet and Chandon Toasts HBO's Behind the Candelabra fashiondailymag 1

The ‘Champagne of Cinema’ Moet & Chandon also added to the fun, by having a bejeweled Imperial bottle and a breathtaking 12-foot tower composed of 140 bubbling bottles-the more the merrier !  Liberace, whose dramatic performances were equaled only by his dazzling duds, has inspired a fleet of fearless artists-think Madonna, Elvis, Lady Gaga, and even Sir Elton John. Although Liberace’s sequined stage getups have stunned generations, behind all of the glam was a guy who was simply passionate about performing and also his partner Scott Thorson-which is now immortalized in director Steven Soderbergh’s new flick.

After checking out the new exhibition at 20 Columbus Circle NYC 10019 between 9am-9pm, watch Behind the Candelabra at 9pm on Sunday May 26th on HBO. This Liberace revival shows that summer is definitely a time for star-gazing. Written by Mary Anderson.

Photo Credit: Alex Geana

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