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Bellerose for Spring 2013 pretty

Bellerose for Spring 2013 pretty

Innocence with a twist was the approach for the Bellerose beauty for ss 2013. Don’t take the looks solely for their face value, since cult classics like Anthony Minghella’s The Talented Mr. Ripley and Sofia Coppola’s VS, provided tongue-in-cheek inspiration. Hints of a rebellious attitude came through with slinky slip-dresses; showing that this girl is a lot bolder than what she may seem. The nymph-like sweetness had us entranced, with florals popping against durable textures.

Check out the leg-baring looks that balanced heavy fabrics and dark hues: the likes of lightweight chocolate brown leather tops and shorts. The Bellerose girl is ready to brave the great outdoors with pastels and earth tones providing a soothing contrast to the electrifying effect of the parrot perched on her shoulders (hey, we all want a bird’s-eye view). The shifting approaches to layering showed that she is ready for any situation in her dark paradise. Harkening back to “fragile femininity” motifs within Coppola’s films, we believe Bellerose brawn refuses to be broken.

Originally from Belgium, the 23 year-old label Bellerose appeals to all you carefree globetrotters. Transitioning from its roots in menswear, the label easily took their origins into womenswear through the combination of outerwear with pretty prints. Gathering inspiration from across the continents, the Bellerose clothing label sources “freedom and choice” and  stands strong since 1989.  We’re looking forward to more sweet and subtle sassy into the future. Written by Mary Anderson.

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