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BEAUTY resolutions: wrinkle remedy while you sleep

BEAUTY resolutions: wrinkle remedy while you sleep

We all know that a good amount of sleep will help us to look younger, and even down the road while we get older.  How about a painless solution designed to help stop the wrinkles and lines? We’re not talking a magical lift, something more along the lines of a yes- pillow. This is not just an ordinary pillow, the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow is a natural way to help prevent permanent sleep lines and wrinkles while you sleep.

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The unique patented design supports and cradles your head so you can sleep in any position and your face will not smash into the pillow. It also prevents eye puffiness by elevating your head and dispersing regular blood flow through out your body (no more cold spoons in the morning!) The design of the pillow has a contoured center which helps you to sleep on your back in a more natural way preventing dreaded chest wrinkles.

That eye cream and moisturizer you apply every night will also not go to waste as it will not rub off on the pillow.  Patients that have had just under gone surgery will also have an added benefit. Slouchy pillows stink, and sometimes they can cause neck cramps in the middle of the night (ouch!). We say the wrinkle prevention pillow should be added to every beauty arsenal. BEAUTY resolutions while you sleep Written by Natalie Barry.

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