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quick beauty fix: B. Liv by Cellnique masks

quick beauty fix: B. Liv by Cellnique masks

GIVE your face a boost in about 20 minutes.  After spending endless amounts of time and money on tailoring our skincare regimen, dedicating a few minutes for “ahh” and helping treat our skin doesn’t have to be a painful expirement.  B.Liv by Cellnique has created a series of masks to help make difference in our skin with ready to go masks.  Our Favorites include the the immense me Utmost Moisture mask, and Stem Cell revival “feel no sluggish” japanese silk mask.

Created out of 100% pure hyaluronic acid, the immense me Utmost Moisture mask is prepared to act as a generous hydration booster to parched skin. Its sole purpose is to replenish necessary moisture deep within cells, in order to liven up your beautifully radiant complexion in the blink of an eye.

B LIV by cellnique beauty mask range | FashionDailyMag

Product wonder one is a greatly emphasized by product wonder two, the Stem Cell Revival feel no sluggish anti-aging mask. 100% Pure Swiss Apple stem cell works in deep to rejuvenate skin by using antioxidant and cell-revitalizing nutrients. Invigorating the skin, the fruity essences of this product awakens the dull cells lying underneath the surface to jazz up a gorgeous glow.

Perfect for all skin types, B.Liv masks are the primo for revitalizing dry skin leaving you confident, happy, and ready to take on any day… and if you can sit still for the 20-30 recommended minutes, you will see a difference! Written by Julia Paulescu.

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