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AZATURE Black Diamond: Most Expensive Nail Polish in the World

AZATURE Black Diamond: Most Expensive Nail Polish in the World

WOWsy! listen up, one-percenters, DIAMONDS are a girl’s [nails] best friend.. well, sort of.   A little out of the norm for nail bling, AZATURE, the black diamond king is shaking it up by offering a nail polish containing 267 carats of black diamonds and retailing for $250,000.   Giving a kind-of whole new meaning to the phrase “dripping in diamonds”  this ultra-luxe product has come to the beauty market.  and so far, only one-of-a kind limited edition bottle is available.  HA! 

For most of us that want a little bling without that are you kidding me price tag, AZATURE also created a polish that contains a tidbit of that ‘real black diamond’ and retails for $25, packaged in a diamond shaped bottle and is now available at FRED SEGAL.

AZATURE black diamond most expensive nail polish

“The black diamond is the ultimate fine jewel. Its combination of beauty, mystery, and sophistication makes it a timeless luxury. One day I thought, ‘why not showcase this style on nails?’ So I developed a Black Diamond Nail Polish with the same attention and quality as my jewelry, in order to preserve the elegance of the black diamond. I am thrilled to offer this new twist on fine-jewelry!”

Azature honors its family history by creating superbly-crafted jewelry with fine attention to detail. A twist on uber-luxury sustains the commitment to excellence, updated with a modern sensibility while still keeping it outrageously chic… all black diamond pieces are crafted from hand-selected jewels.  Found in Dover Street Market – London, Harvey Nichols – Saudia Arabia, and globally through their white glove atelier service. []

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