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André Saraiva: dream concerts to sweden

André Saraiva: dream concerts to sweden

In the world of street art, André Saraiva (or just André for short) is one of the kings. This French-Portuguese graffiti artist and club owner is most known for his ‘Mr. A’ character, a cartoonish figure with a round head, x over its eye and really long legs. In the 90s, this character was sprinkled all over the streets of Paris. Saraiva continues to create,  and is presenting his ‘Dream Concerts’ series in the upcoming ‘Back To Sweden’ art exhibition.

  ANDRE SARAIVA fashiondailymag sel 2

André’s recently ‘returned to his roots’ of Sweden, and will be showing the bright pink fantasy concert posters that have been spotted all over L.A., New York, London, Paris, Venice and Basel. Two mythical nightclub sculptures will also be featured at the exhibit. And, there’s more.. the street artist will opening a “Le Baron” pop-up club at a secret location, in a collab with Absolut. It will be one big celebration in honor of Sweden’s Fashion Week. Art, music, fashion and nightlife becoming one. Perfect. Here’s a pic of the cheeky artist photographed by Purple Magazine’s Olivier Zahm.

 ANDRE SARAIVA fashiondailymag sel 1

Here’s a peek at the Daft Punk | Sebastien Tellier | Kavinksy posters.  A life long dream of hosting an exhibit in his home country is becoming a reality for the artist. In case you’re wondering, André was born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden. Events take place on August 24th-26th. André Saraiva: dream concerts to sweden written by Allison Ripa.

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Dream Concerts by AndréSaraivaStudio

André’s headshot by Olivier Zahm

(photos by courtesy)


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