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4 SUMMER READING BOOKS for a visual mind frill

4 SUMMER READING BOOKS for a visual mind frill

ADD happy BROWSING to the NOUVEAU tradition of hand-helds…BOOKS that bring the CHIC back to your social sophistication are also perfect for summer reading at the beach or home… the SELBY COBRA SNAKE edition + BED in a TREE + GOOD to GREAT;  IF YOU WANT TO CRY go outside on FDM Brigitte Segura

1 the SELBY is in your place… CATCH up with JULIA ROITFELD,  CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN,  ERIN WASSON, SIMON DOONAN at home… see how they live and smile with photos by TODD SELBY + BED in a TREE by Bettina Kowalewski takes you away + GIVES a dreamy view of travels in creatively set tree-house like hotels…IF YOU WANT TO CRY GO OUTSIDE BY KELLY CUTRONE


oH, we ARE still digging this: REFRESH your mind IF YOU WANT TO CRYis still the PERFECT PACK ALONG helpFUL friend adding positive VIBES to your day giving you a humor-filled serious REALITY check.

trendsetting fashion PR maven KELLY CUTRONE’s no-frills FACTOIDS can get you going anytime, especially if you’re having a momentDon’t kid yourself, this book is not just for the Fashionistas, we have seen the non-fashionable teens and a couple of macho guys secretly reading this one…when was the last time you could SMILE through a self-help book… call it what you want, IF YOU WANT TO CRY GO OUTSIDE is a KEEPer in my tote along with GOOD to GREAT-brigitte



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